Experts in applied artificial intelligence,
data science, decision support systems.

Services in clinical trial research and study site coordination.

Services and roles to assist you.
  • Design, architect and implement AI and data science driven decision support systems. 
  • Research and consulting.
  • IT management, software development, product management and development.
  • Data management, integration, data quality and governance.
Technologies for solution development.
  • Big data technologies and advanced retrieval architectures. 
  • Data science models and natural language processing with Large Language Models.
  • Machine reasoning with knowledge graphs.
  • Machine learning with ensemble methods, deep learning and LLMs.
  • Application and AI/data platform development.
Our clinical services.
Next to the information technology activities, we provide support services in the domain of clinical trials.  
  • Clinical compliance services.
  • Clinical trial monitoring and research associate services. 
  • Study site coordination and study nursing services.
Technical Portfolio.
Solutions for intellectual property, compliance/legal, industry, health and finance. domains.  Data and AI platforms, natural language processing and customer analytics. 
Clinical Portfolio.
Clinical portfolio with an overview of our clinical experience.