Interested in applied artificial intelligence?

We are experts in applied artificial intelligence, data science and decision support systems.

We can help to research or build an analytics solution for your business.

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Interested in our IT management services?

We have expertise in CTO, VP-IT, IT/enterprise PMO, product and program/project management roles.

We can lead or assist at interim with your projects.

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Interested in our clinical study coordination services?

We have experience in clinical compliance, clinical research associate or study site coordination roles.

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Experts in applied artificial intelligence, data science, decision support systems.

IT management, PMO and product management.

Services in clinical study coordination.

Our Services

Analytics Systems Engineering

We design, architect and implement predictive and prescriptive analytics decision systems for your business.

We combine software development, artificial intelligence and data science techniques, and advanced software architectures.

R&D Services

We perform research services in our technology field, to provide you with the best decision support or analytics solution.

We offer focused research, proof of concepts and technical design services.


We provide IT management services and software development services.

We can lead or assist in data science driven product development.

We have experience in product management and product owner roles.

Clinical Study Coordination Services

We have a broad expertise in the healthcare / clinical research domain.

We provide specific services in clinical trial study coordination, clinical compliance and study coordination.

Data → Solution
To model a solution from data, we use machine learning, clustering and classification techniques, pattern recognition and predictive analytics.
Text → Value
To extract and identify value from text sources, we use natural language processing, text mining and linked data.
To power advanced information retrieval and algorithmic processing, we use memory-based index structures, distributed computing and big data technologies.
Knowledge Representation
To represent explicit knowledge structures, we design and implement domain specific languages and knowledge graphs.

Our Technologies

Big Data Technologies

Data Science Solutions

Decision Systems

Big data, NoSQL and retrieval tech

To process and reason on large data sets we use big data technologies and information retrieval architectures.
  • Distributed processing (Hadoop, Map/Reduce architectures).
  • In-memory computing (Spark).
  • ElasticSearch / Lucene.
  • Custom information retrieval indices.
  • Lambda architectures.

Besides traditional relational databases we use NoSQL technologies.
  • Document-based stores (MongoDB).
  • Key-value stores (Redis).
  • Column-based stores (HBase, Cassandra).
  • Graph-based (Neo4j).

Data science, NLP, classification, neural networks

We build models from data using data science techniques to analyse, enrich, reason, predict and prescribe actions.
  • Machine learning, clustering, classification, pattern recognition.
  • Predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics.
  • Natural language processing.
  • Graph pattern matching and processing.
  • Recommendation Systems (content based, collaborative filtering, k-means similar, product/delivery based).

With natural language processing (NLP) we extract relations and meaning from text, using rule-based, statistical and deep learning NLP techniques.
  • Text mining, natural language processing.
  • Computational linguistics (stemming, POS tagging, phrase structure).
  • Entity extraction.
  • Relation extraction.
  • Disambiguation.
  • Topic classification (Vector space, LSI, LDA).
  • Word vector models (word2vec, Glove).
  • Sentiment and opinion mining.

For machine learning we use (deep) neural networks, decision trees and ensemble methods; in some cases further extended with graph reasoning.
  • Decision trees (CART, ID3, C4.5).
  • Association rules.
  • Market basket analysis.
  • Ensemble learning (Random Forest, Adaboost, Gradient Boosting).
  • Graph reasoning (random walk).
  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) - Backprop, Projection, Support Vector Machines (SVM).
  • Unsupervised ANN (SOM / Kohonen).
  • Convolution neural nets (CNN).
  • Recurrent (RNN), Long short term memory (LSTM), Gated Recurrent Units (GRU).

Development of decision systems

In our solution development of decision systems we typically combine analytic models with computational pipelines and architectures.
  • Decision logic, predictive analytics, optimization & simulation, monitoring & learning, decision support for knowledge work, management of decision logic.
  • Computational pipelines with Big Data architectures.
  • Development of information retrieval systems and architectures (in-memory indexing and distributed architectures).
  • Model development in Java, Python, R, Tensorflow.
  • Development of DSL (domain specific language) solutions.

In our software development of decision systems we wrap our core solutions in applications or workflows using a full software development stack.
  • Full stack system development and architecture services.
  • Full-cycle application development, many paradigms, core Java, Java EE, Python, C++, C, etc.
  • Enterprise architectures with Java EE, client/server, SOA, micro-service architectures, orchestration.
  • Log analysis with ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana).

Clinical Study Coordination Services

Clinical Compliance

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), compliance with GCP, trainings, CRF development, project management.

Clinical Research Associate

Monitoring services, multi-centre study coordination.

Study Site Coordination

Study site coordinator services, study nurse services.

  • Assisting in writing, reviewing and updating Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for all clinical trial activities to comply with GCP.
  • Introduce procedures to new staff and provide training.
  • Revision of protocols and assistance in the development of CRF.
  • Set up of study manuals and logistic procedures.
  • Consultancy on study nurse activities and procedures.
  • Project management.
  • Training for new employees on Introduction to Clinical Research.
  • Course ICH-GCP for investigators and clinical site personnel.

  • Monitoring phase IIIb-IV studies in the field of hepatitis C.
  • Training of monitors in multinational phase IIIb IV studies in the field of hepatitis C.
  • Monitoring phase IIIb IV studies in the field of hepatitis C.
  • Monitoring multi-centre phase III study in the field of infectious diseases.
  • Monitoring of multi-centre phase IV studies in the field of CNS.
  • Co-ordination and supervision of monitors in a multinational phase III study in the field of oncology.

  • Phase II clnical trial in rheumathoid arthritis.
  • Study site coordinator for Hepatitis C phase II and III trials.
  • Study coordinator for clinical trials in gastro-oncology.
  • Responsible for data review and data entry of a registry study in the domains of lung-embolism.
  • Study nurse for phase II and III trials Gastro-enterology and training of a new study nurse.
  • Study site co-ordinator for NSCLC and SCLC.
  • Study nurse for Hepatitis B and C phase II and II trials and training of a new study nurse.

  • Clinical Trial Protocol.
  • Design of the Case report Form.
  • Implementing and monitoring clinical trials in Europe to Good Clinical Practice.
  • Clinical trial archiving.
  • Introduction to QA - a monitor's perspective.
  • ICH Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice - Introduction to Clinical Research.
  • Drug Safety Reporting.
  • Quality Assurance for Auditors and CRA's.
  • Product complaint awareness.
  • Phaseforward training.
  • CTMS electronic system.
  • GCP training certifciates from different pharmaceutical companies.

Use Cases

Technical Portfolio

Some of our analytics system engineering projects
reflecting our experience.

Churn Prediction

Customer Churn Prediction models in healthcare.

Machine learning with random forest models and MBA models.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance and operational analytics for airport services.

Operational monitoring workbench with integrated prediction models for baggage handling system maintenance.

Data Integration

Architecture and organization assessments on data integration.

Data integration consulting for european agencies.

Industrial Quality Analytics

Prediction models on industrial quality analytics for various industries.

Recommendation System

R&D on recommendation engines for news publication product of large media group.

Smart Grids

Architecture, design and implementation for decision support in domain of smart grids and demand-supply multi-agents.

Credit Scoring

Simulation model for risk management for approval of personal loans and financing.

ANN classification and scoring models.

Neural credit scoring

Model for risk analysis for cash credits and investments credits.

ANN classification and scoring models.

Fault diagnosis

Multi-user fault-diagnosis system of subway trains.

Compliance workflows

Process and administration on compliance workflows.

Optimization car insurance

Parameter-optimization in insurance models.

GA models on parameter setting variations.

Customer segmentation

Data Analytics on analysis customer usage data for behavioral segmentation.

Image clustering

Image clustering using local descriptors, metric tree indexing and constraint-based ranking.

Machine Translation

Machine translation using large-scale web content extraction and mapping.

Text copyright analysis

Semantic analysis of text for copyright infringement cases.

IP decision support

Decision support systems for full availability trademark searching.

IP retrieval

Retrieval and scoring systems for IP (patents, trademarks & common law).

BI in healthcare

BI and analytics in healthcare.

Regulatory categorization

Automatic taxonomy categorization of global regulatory content.

Semantics / Taxonomies

Deep learning with word embeddings (word2vec) for semantic text expansions.

Taxonomy learning for legal tech.

Topic models.

Graph algorithms

Graph algorithms (random walk) for predicting probable assignees for US patent applications.

Named Entity Recognition

Named entity recognition for automatic tagging of IP content.

NER for semantic tagging of media content.

NER for legal tech.

IP protection

Trademark similarity matching system for Global Trademark Word Watching.

Explicit logic and machine learning based.




Exec/IT/Product Management roles
we have experience with.


Technical development roles
we have fulfilled.


Functions in clinical study coordination
we have performed.


Leadership roles (CTO, VP IT) of 80+ Tech organizations in international businesses (300+ employees).

Product Management

Lead of product management teams, product owner roles, lead of product development teams.


PMO and portfolio management.

Program, project and change management roles in international organizations.

Management / Development
High performance teams

Hands-on leadership of high-performance teams for application development (agile) and R&D.

Building teams

Defining and building org structure, teams and best practices for software dev, product, IT operations and architecture.

Build data science and software development teams.

Solution architecture

Solution design and architectures in enterprise contexts.

Design and management of enterprise architectures (UML, EA, Archimate, etc.).

Tech Development

Software development and software architecture roles.

Chief data science roles.

Data science solution development roles.

Clinical Compliance Associate

Clinical compliance management, SOP review, revision of protocols and CRF, trainings.

Clinicial Research Associate

CRA tasks as defined by GCP guidelines for monitoring clinical trials, such as those elaborated by ICH.

Study Site Coordinator

Clinical study coordinator and study nursing roles on behalf of the site.

About us




The Latin verb CERNO (cernere, ind. present, 1st pers. sg.)
has different meanings, reflecting our core technologies and expertise:

decide decision systems
resolve reasoning models
determine predictive analytics
discern pattern recognition
distinguish text mining
sift clustering
separate classification
examine research

CERNO was established in 2012.

The principal consultants in data science and system engineering have more than 25 years professional experience in the AI and software engineering domain.

The principal consultant in clinical study coordination services has 29 years professional experience in clinical studies.

We provide our consulting and project services on contract basis. CERNO is based in Belgium, where we provide on-site services. We provide telecommute and remote consulting work to international clients.

CERNO consultants have done projects in Belgium, but also throughout the EU and in the US.

CERNO bvba

Koningin Fabiolalaan 3
B-9900 Eeklo
East-Flanders, Belgium

BTW BE 0846.688.551 RPR Gent
++32 (0)477 69 01 11

CERNO bvba

Koningin Fabiolalaan 3
B-9900 Eeklo, Belgium

BTW BE 0846.688.551   RPR Gent

++32 (0)477 69 01 11